Following changes have been made to this site


July 29, 2003 - Added Roland's pictures of the Acrobat 2003 picnic in High Park. Click here to view

July 22,2003 -Well its been a long long time since I've updated anything.  I've added two sets of photos of the Acrobat Baseball team and Roland's pictures of Greg's wedding. First Baseball team pictures click here , July 14th Baseball pictures  click here , Greg's Wedding click here

 April 12, 2002- Added pictures of Acrobat's new home in the Clarica Centre Click here to view

 April 12, 2002- (I know, its been a while) - Added pictures of Acrobat 2001 Christmas party Click here to view       

 Sept 24,2001- Added Mom's Photos of Mother's Day 2001 Click Here to View                   

Sept 17, 2001- Rescanned Eastern Turkey 1989 pics. Click Here to View

Sep 17, 2001- Added Roland's pictures of the Acrobat outing to Casino Niagara on Sep 16, 2001

       Click here to view

Sept 13, 2001 -Uploaded fist videos of mom's birthday.  Click following links to view:

MOM01    MOM02   MOM03   MOM04   MOM05

Note: So far there is NO SOUND

Sept 10, 2001 - Uploaded pictures of Mothers Day 1990 in Kelowna.  Some pictures did not scan right and will be redone. Click here to view

Sept 8, 2001 -Rainer's pictures of Mom's 75th Birthday have been added       Click here to view

Sept 7, 2001 -The site changes page was created and added.