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I am just beginning to research our family tree.  If you have any information that you think will help me please contact me at  In the next days I will be contacting my father in Berlin Germany to get some further details on my forefathers.  Here's the little I currently know.


My father is Herbert Ziegenhagen and my mother is Jutta, maiden name Witajewski.  Both were born in Berlin in the mid 1920s. 


Dad's mother was Anna and was born just before the turn of the century as a Völz in the town of  (Bad) Polzin in Pommern,  (formerly eastern state of Germany, now part of Poland).

I found some references to a Völz family from Bad Polzin but do not know if they are relatives or not at this time.

Also some references to Ziegenhagens in Pommern, but again so far have not been able to indentify if they are related or not.

Similarly this reference to Ziegenhagens in Pommern dated 1666

If this relates to any Ziegenhagens you have found in your research, I would be pleased to hear about it.